Memories and mementos wanted

Auchenblae needs you
Auchenblae needs you

Mearns residents are being asked to share their memories and mementos from the World War 2 era to help set the scene for a 1940’s tea dance to be held in Auchenblae this month to raise funds for the village’s conservation project

Rationing, Dig for Victory, wartime propaganda, family entertainment and music are mong the themes plus news headlines and photos. Organisers seek people’s stories and any items from the 1940’s on loan for display to set the scene and show how life was in the Mearns during wartime and austerity. Anybody who can help or who wants tickets is asked to contact Kate Matthews on 01561 320357, or via facebook:

The tea dance on August 18 from 4-7pm at Auchenblae Village Hall will include singalong with ‘Vera Lynn’ and 1940’s dancing to that big band sound with tuition in dance hall favourites to get revellers off on the right foot. A bar will be available until 9pm. All are welcome to join in, dress the part and join in with the organisers kitted out in 1940’s outfits. Dance tickets cost £6 for adults and £3 for children.

The event is run by Auchenblae Community and District Association to focus on the conservation status that Aberdeenshire Council has announced it intends to award to Auchenblae. The village Community Association is to involve residents to have their say how the conservation status could be implemented and so and keen to draw on Auchenblaes history as part of this process.

Launching this with a 1940’s focus aims to reminds villagers how that era forged the close community spirit and camaraderie and to find that again now so that villagers have their say on what they want conservation status to achieve. All funds raised from the Tea Dance will finance a further series of open days and events to generate discussion to find out what locals what to see protected.

Refreshments include sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee.