Minor flood protection works to begin this week

The Carron River has been one of the problem areas with flooding in the town.
The Carron River has been one of the problem areas with flooding in the town.

Work on smaller scale elements of the Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme are expected to start at the end of this week.

Aberdeenshire Council has appointed contractors to improve the Mill Lade Soakaway after investigations showed that it wasn’t functioning to its full capacity.

Local residents had asked the council to consider improving the soakaway, and it will now be repaired and capacity increased to take water away from the existing Mill Lade. Excavation will be carried out and new pipework installed to help move water away effectively and inspection chambers will also be created.

Sections of the town’s boardwalk may have to be closed off from time to time in the interest of safety while construction is carried out.

Rachel Kennedy, principal engineer (flood protection works), said: “While the work on the Mill Lade should have an effect on water levels, this is not a solution to the issues the town faces and should be seen in conjunction with the other engineering solutions being proposed.

‘‘We listened to local residents who were keen to see this work take place and have moved swiftly to get it done before the start of winter proper.”

Work is also expected to start soon on another measure to reduce the impact of any flooding event in the Old Town. It had also been suggested by locals that flood relief channels should be created through boundary walls in the High Street and behind Arbuthnott Court to provide an escape route for floodwater.

As it is a conservation area, care had to be taken to minimise the impact and it would not be possible for large sections of the wall to be removed however pipework will be installed through the walls to allow water to escape more effectively.

n Full report on the long-term proposals: pages 12-13.