Miracle babies book complete

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A PORTLETHEN mum who tragically lost one of her twin boys when he was just minutes old, has completed her project aimed at giving hope to other parents facing a similar ordeal.

Kirsty Mills-Bishop went into early labour with her twins in December 2010 at only 24 weeks.

Miss Mills-Bishop went through what she describes as 78 “terrifying and painful” hours of labour before giving birth to twin boys.

The former Portlethen Academy pupil named the boys Aiden and Kai. At 25 weeks, Aiden weighed only 1lb 9oz and his twin weighed 1lb 10oz.

Kirsty and her partner, Jack Cox, were then given the “devastating and life changing news” that Aiden had not survived.

The older of the twins, Kai, was treated by the Aberdeen Neonatal Unit’s staff and after 14 weeks was eventually able to go home. He celebrated his second birthday last December.

During the time when the couple were visiting Kai, their eyes were caught by a display of photographs of babies who had made it home, and it sparked an idea with the young couple.


Kirsty wanted to do something to give hope to other parents in the same situation, and has now created scrapbooks featuring photographs of babies who made it home from the unit, with stories of how they got on subsequently and where they are now.

She said: “For 14 weeks it was a real roller coaster for Kai. One day he would be doing well, and the next he would have caught an infection, and at times it was touch and go.

“On top of that, we had Aiden’s funeral to arrange before Christmas. It was a really traumatic time.

“While we were in the neonatal unit, Jack and I would spend time looking at the photos on the wall of babies who had made it home.

“We also read the stories on the Friends of the Special Nursery website, which supports the unit, and they gave us hope and comfort that there were others who had been in the same situation as us and that we might get Kai home.

“It was this experience that inspired me to make the scrapbooks filled with photos and stories of the amazing babies who have spent time in the Aberdeen Neonatal Unit.

“The books will lie in the unit’s parents’ room to give hope to anybody going through what will be one of the most difficult times in their lives.

“The response has been overwhelming, and I had to start a Facebook group page to keep everybody up to date with progress,” she said.

“I now have about 90 pages for the two volumes, when I originally thought it would be good if I managed to fill 20 pages. It is great that so many people have wanted to share their stories in the scrapbooks.”

Last Saturday, the couple organised an event for parents to see the books.

Many of the parents popped in to see the books and for a cuppa and a chat and some had brought their miracle babies with them.

The two scrap-books which contain the miracle babies stories, named “Memories and Miracles,” will now be kept in the parents room of Aberdeen Neo-natal unit.