More Fireballs marshals needed

One of last year's intrepid Fireball swingers
One of last year's intrepid Fireball swingers

With just days to go before the big night, the organisers of the Fireballs have issued a renewed appeal for marshals to come and help out at the Hogmanay event.

Fireballs Event Organiser Kevin Boyne told the Leader that, while there was a good response to an earlier appeal for marshals, more are still needed to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch.

He said: “We have had a good response, but can never have too many and it would ease any worries about folks not showing up on the night.”

He added: “We have had quite a few people asking what is involved being a Marshal for us at Hogmanay, so here is a brief breakdown.

“We all meet at St Bridgets Hall ( across from the Police Station ) between 8.30/8.45pm on December 31. There then follows a Safety Briefing from ourselves and the Police and then you are put into teams with a Team Leader who explains about the area you are involved with and any other relevant information.

“Following this, we are all on the street from about 9.30pm until just after 1am. All you need is be 18 yrs or over, have warm waterproof clothing (we supply Hi Viz vests) and a torch.”.

With the cancellation of Open Air in the Square this year, the Fireballs could be expecting a bumper tunrout of spectators. However, Kevin isn’t concerned as the barriers to the event will simply close once they are full. He added: “It’s difficult to predict how busy it will be, it depends a lot on the weather. You don’t want to come down too early as you will be standing around in the cold for a while, although we do have entertainment on in the lead up to the main event.”

Anyone who is interested in helping at the event can contact Kevin Boyne on (01569) 762894 or visit The Stonehaven Fireballs Facebook page, or visit

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