Most popular baby names in Aberdeenshire

The top 10 most popular baby names in Aberdeenshire for 2011 have been revealed.

Records show that Jack has held on to the top place for the most popular boys’ name in Scotland for the past three years - and it remains at the top of the list for the Aberdeenshire region with 29 babies given the name this year.

For girls, Emily and Sophie - the nation’s most popular name – share joint first place as a popular choice for new parents.

Ethan and Charlie take second and third place respectively for most popular boy’s names in the north-east, and Isla and Olivia scoop joint third place as favourite girls’ names.

The details for 2011 were released by the General Register Office for Scotland on Tuesday.

George MacKenzie, Registrar General for Scotland, said: “The list of favourite baby names provides a fascinating insight into Scotland’s people. We registered the births of nearly 28,000 boys and over 26,000 girls in the period to late November 2011. Parents chose more than 7,000 different names for their children and over 4,000 of these were unique.

“Jack remains the most popular name for boys for the fourth year in a row. Ethan, Alexander and Harry are new entrants to the top 10 and Charlie, Riley, Dylan and Aiden join the top 20. Those going down included Ross, Alex and Craig.

“For girls, Sophie is top for a seventh year, Lily climbs seven places to second and Jessica joins the top 10. Milly, Sophia and Kayla are new entrants in the top 20, while Lucie, Nieve and Courtney are less popular than last year.

“Further down the chart, Lilly, Molly, Poppy and Lacey are new girls’ names in the top 50 and Mason, Leo, Jay and Harris are new for boys.”

Top 10 boys names in Aberdeenshire

1= Jack 2 = Ethan 3 = Charlie 4 = James 5 = Dylan 5 = Harry 7 = Aiden 7 = Daniel 9 Logan 10= Lewis 10= Ryan

Top 10 girls names in Aberdeenshire

1 = Emily 1 = Sophie 3 = Isla 3 = Olivia 5 Lucy 6 Lily 7 Freya 8 = Hannah 8 = Megan 10 = Ellie 10 = Erin 10 = Grace 10 = Ruby 10 = Sophia