MSP pledges to fight on over Laurencekirk flyover

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Angus North & Mearns MSP Nigel Don has pledged to fight on for safer junctions on the A90 at Laurencekirk.

Mr Don said: “The current turnings are dangerous, everyone in Laurencekirk knows they are dangerous and it can only be a matter of time before a new, grade separated crossing is constructed.

“The problem is simply a lack of capital to fund new transport projects and that means roads with even more accidents and fatalities are likely to come first. The A9 is a good example.”

Mr Don was speaking after Transport Minister Keith Brown revealed that the latest costings show a flyover could cost more than £13 million. The figures come at a time when Westminster has cut the Scottish Government’s capital budget by 36%, leaving the Transport Minister with tough decisions to make. Mr Don said the Scottish Government is not currently allowed to borrow to fund capital spending, giving the Minister even fewer options to fund urgent work.

“The Minister will have reviewed recent accident statistics which show that the signs, lines and speed limit have had some positive effect in reducing accidents. In my view accidents will continue to happen until we can remove the need for traffic to turn right on or off the A90.

“There is a 20 mile stretch between the Brechin north junction and the Stonehaven south junction where there is no “safe” crossing; the driver of a tractor and trailer or an articulated vehicle has no alternative but to pull out across the dual carriageway. All the traffic crossing the Mearns has to cross the A90; it is a 70 mph dual carriageway at every other junction.

“This is not simply a matter for Government, of course. The other players in this are Aberdeenshire Council and any potential housing developers who want to build in Laurencekirk. The Local Development Plan provides sites for new homes, but building new homes before the junctions are sorted out makes no sense. There is a hearing about this issue on October 19.”