New bin lorries will not collect glass from kerbside

The changes will be implemented in the south of Aberdeenshire by March 2015.
The changes will be implemented in the south of Aberdeenshire by March 2015.
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Residents have rubbished Aberdeenshire Council’s decision that bin lorries in the district will no longer collect glass from the kerbside.

The Leader reported last week that changes to refuse collection were being rolled out by the local authority across Aberdeenshire, with new bin lorries being introduced which they say will improve the refuse collection service for residents.

But reader George Strang got in touch to express his concerns that the council spokesperson had failed to mention that glass will no longer be collected from the kerbside.

He said: “The vice-chair of ISC stated all the advantages to be had in kerbside collection by the new super duper expensive bin lorries, in that food and additional plastic goods would now be included in this collection.

‘‘What he failed to mention was that glass will not be collected in the future at the kerbside and we will have to take it to recycling centres and separate the various types of glass ourselves into the different types of glass bins.

‘‘I personally do not believe that this should be a duty placed on the residents of Aberdeenshire.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson confirmed that glass collection will no longer be part of the kerbside service.

The changes are being implemented in north Aberdeenshire from this week, and will be introduced in the south by March 2015.

On their website, it is explained that: “Householders will still be able to recycle glass separately through our 200 recycling points and centres (and others located in places like sheltered housing complexes) in Aberdeenshire so that the council will be able to continue high quality glass recycling.”

For a full rundown of the changes: