New survey to focus on coastal flooding

John Briggs and Chris Anstock from the Stonehaven Flood Action Coastal Flooding group.
John Briggs and Chris Anstock from the Stonehaven Flood Action Coastal Flooding group.

Homes and businesses affected by coastal flooding in December 2012 are to be given an opportunity to take part in a survey.

The survey, which has been collated by a sub-committee of the Stonehaven Flood Action Group, aims to gather as much information as possible about the damage caused to properties when the town was affected by coastal flooding during storms on December 15, 2012.

The sub-committee, called the Stonehaven Flood Action Coastal Flooding Group, aim to deliver their survey to 150 coastal properties from Cowie to the harbour area, in a bid to gather a clearer picture of the damage sustained.

The survey will be delivered this coming Monday, September 22, and residents are to be asked to fill it out and put it back in their letter box to be collected the next day.

However, if this is not possible there will be an opportunity to take the survey to Stonehaven Town Hall, or contact the group to arrange a more suitable alternative.

Group chairman, Chris Anstock, said: “Hopefully it will put a bit more focus on the coastal flooding, which has been somewhat overshadowed by the river flooding in the town.

“We didn’t just see people’s front doors cave in, but internal walls were also caving in and vehicles were being carried across car parks.

“Hopefully, this survey will remind the council that coastal flooding hasn’t been forgotten.

‘‘We know that the local authority are working on it but we want to keep tabs on what is happening.

“We want people’s views and to gather evidence, so please contact us if it is not a convenient time but you would still like to contribute.”

Committee member John Briggs added: “By taking part in the survey we will be gathering information which will be used to take preventative action in the future to protect these properties, so it won’t just be getting filed away somewhere, it will spark some useful action.”