Newtonhill School host 
art exhibition

Newtonhill Primary School was the setting for an art show last Thursday which was planned, prepared and presented by pupils.

Every pupil, from Primary One to Seven, contributed a piece of artwork to the exhibition in the games hall of the school, and parents were welcomed along on Thursday of last week to view the painting. The paintings were on sale for £5 each and were done to an impressive standard. Provost of Aberdeenshire Jill Webster also attended the exhibition and was given a tour of the school.

The theme of the xhibition was “in the style of...”. Each class in the school has studied a different artist and created a work of art inspired by that artist’s style or one of their particular paintings. Artists portrayed included Picasso, Laurel Burch, Romero Britto, and Joan Miro. P7s studied local artist Joyce Cairns. Primary 6 pupils took the project on as an enterprise and organised the event, setting up the gallery, inviting guests and asking for donations at the door. Oil and gas supplier AMEC, which has a partnership with Newtonhill Primary School, kindly donated the refreshments for the event. AMEC supports the school with educational initiatives and some of the graduates go out to the school to teach the pupils about engineering and the oil and gas industry.