Newtonhill village shop may be closed for good

The has been closed for numerous weeks
The has been closed for numerous weeks

Newtonhill residents fear that their village shop may have closed for good as it has now lain empty and deserted for several weeks.

The shop in Skateraw Road opened in 1912 and over the years, as well as being a general store and newsagent, has housed the village post office.

More recently the Co-op leased the shop and ran it for some years under the “Morning Noon and Night” brand.

However they pulled out and sub-let the premises.

It continued to operate for several months but a drop in customer numbers led to it closing.

Local councillor Ian Mollison said: “The local staff were let go and it was said that a new family were taking over.

‘‘However, all that happened was that the stock was removed. Customers were told that it would be refurbished and restocked, but that was weeks ago. It now lies empty.

“No doubt the opening of the Tesco store by the A90 would have had some impact, but I am sure there is still a role for the shop in the heart of the village.

‘‘ In its last days the stock had been reduced to soft drinks and sweets with some basics.

‘‘It was a shadow of its former self when it was the centre of Newtonhill life.

“I do hope that someone with flair and imagination can take over, bringing it back to life. However the task should not be underestimated.

“Many villagers ask me if I have heard anything about the shop, but sadly I am as much in the dark as they are.”