Nostalgia - It happened in the Mearns

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - November 10th 1989

Success earlier this year of Stonehaven Youth F.C’s Girls’ team, has led to an increase in interest for Girls’ football in the town - so much so that 23 girls are now members of the Youth FC Club, and receive coaching from 6pm on Wednesday nights in the girls’ gymnasium at Mackie Academy and, weather permitting, from 10.15 at Baird Park on Saturday forenoons.

Most of the lasses who took part in the “Sevens” competition are now at secondary school, but have indicated that they wish to continue playing football. Younger members can look forward to next year’s competition, and the first priority must therefore be to blend them into a team. There is great difficulty in finding suitable opposition from the girls, but one of the boys’ teams has helped by providing them with a taste of eleven-a-side soccer.

50 YEARS AGO - November 6th 1964

The final cost of reconstruction and equipping Stonehaven Tolbooth is £6,378 7s 3d, and donations and grants received amount to £4,251 5s 7d, leaving a deficiency of £2,127 1s 8d. These figures were given to Stonehaven Town Council’s finance committee on Tuesday evening, when Hon. Treasurer W. A. C. Sutherland said it did not mean that there would be any charge on the rates.

He added that it meant they had a balance in excess of £2,000 in “suspended animation”. The tearoom was washing its face. Mr Ernest Grant, town chamberlain, pointed out that the church room, which was run by the Episcopal Church, had contributed £219 5s 1d, about £70 of which had come in this year, and Hon. Treasurer Sutherland said they could look for a possible annual income of £60 to £70.

100 YEAR AGO November 12th 1914

Notices have been sent to the various county headquarters in the county that 150 men are still required to bring the service battalion of the 7th Gordon’s up to full strength for foreign service. Recruits for the Territorial have been coming in rather slowly for the past week or two and many men are still needed to fill the service battalion as well as bring the reserve battalion up to full strength. It is, however, confidently expected that a large number of farm servants will enlist at the term. In this connection it might improve recruiting if the recruiting Sergeant wore a distinctive uniform, or had colours to distinguish them from the ordinary civilian.


We regret, owing to censorship, we are unable to reproduce photographs of the new anti-aircraft gun issued by the War Office.