Nostalgia - It happened in the Mearns

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - December 15th 1989

Stonehaven’s Baird Park - formerly Cowie Park - was under close scrutiny at last week’s committee meetings of Kincardine and Deeside District Council - first when the siting of a fairground was discussed; and later when alterations to the park to allow lorries to turn there were submitted. Two petitions were before the meeting on the fair issue, arising from showman Thomas Smith asking to use the Leisure Centre car park as a fair-ground next October. Stonehaven North Councillor Doreen Ewing said that there was supposed to be 500 signatures giving local support to Mr Smith, when in fact there were only 293, and this threw a different light on it, especially since there was now a second petition with almost as many objectors. Mr Smith asked the meeting for the use of Baird Park, but Laurence Borthwick replied that this would interfere with youth football.

50 YEARS AGO - December 11th 1964

Tenders totalling £41,458 were on Wednesday accepted by the property and buildings committee of Kincardine County Council for a new primary school and schoolhouse at Redmyre, Fordoun. It was stated that individual and all-in tenders had been sought but that the all-in one was £3,000 higher. Captain J.M. Davidson, St Cyrus, said he did not agree with individual tenders, but if the architect was happy it would be all right. Lord Stonehaven said there was no planning and no attempt was made to have the job done on modern building lines, and that was why they were getting delays. Mr C.A. Nicol, county architect and planning officer, said he would like time to consider the question. Rural firms just considered contracts as something to fall back on. Provost W.J.B. Robson suggested that they get together to discuss the matter.

100 YEARS AGO - December 17th 1914

T here have seldom been more awe-inspiring sea storm scenes at Stonehaven than those witnessed during the weekend. At the beach huge rollers thundered on the shore and the whole day was a mass of tumbling, troubled waters. At the harbour the scene baffled description. Every now and then watchers would hear a dull thud and a 50 foot column of spray was hurled into the air as the rollers dashed up against the breakwater. Inside the harbour was a seething mass of foam, and foam even covered the houses on Shorehead.


Early on Thursday morning, George main, 24 Shorehead, discovered on the beach a large quantitty of wreckage swept up by the tide. It appears that two German trawlers interned at Aberdeen were taken to sea and some fittings had been thrown overboard.