Nostalgia - It happened in the Mearns

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - January 12th 1990

Currently being given a spruce-up is one of Stonehaven’s landmarks, and a unique example of Art Deco - the old “Co-opie Tea-room,” which overlooks the Carron Burn on Cameron Street.

To enter the former Carron Restaurant is to pass into the carefree days of the first half of the 20th century - a place where most of Stonehaven’s youth from the 1960s, and before then, cut their teeth on the dancefloor. The tea-room, which closed down because it was no longer financially viable, is still intact, even though it’s now used as a storeroom and staff area.

The very large square clock in the hall, which indicated when a wedding reception or party was coming to an end is still there - as is the exotic lady mirror. While there are no plans to re-open the 50 year-old tea-room in the near future, Norco store manager Antony Butler and his staff are proud of the ‘B’ listed building.

50 YEARS AGO - January 8th 1965

New Year was celebrated quietly in Stonehaven. A smaller crowd than usual attended the fireball ceremony in the old town, in which 15 swingers took part. First footing was also on a smaller scale than usual, but was spread over a longer period. A slight fall of snow on New Year night did not affect the festivities.

Dances on Hogmanay, New Year’s night, and Saturday night were well attended, and the fair held by the local Boy Scouts on Saturday provided a welcome diversion. It raised £150, which should see the Scouts clear of the expenditure on their new headquarters.

Speaking to the 30 overseas students who are on a course at Aberdeen and were invited to watch the fireballs, Provost T. Christie said he wanted each one to know that Stonehaven was happy to have them.

100 YEARS AGO - January 14th 1915

Portlethen - The annual treat for the children attending the Portlethen Church Sunday School was given in the Jubilee Hall on Saturday afternoon. Tea was served at the outset, after which the Rev Grant, in a short address to the children, gave an outline of the geography of the war. The children then went through a splendid programme of songs, recitations, etc., and also a large number of games. Every child before leaving was made the recipient of a small present, along with sweets by Mr Findlay. The prizes were presented by Mrs Dunningham.


A meeting of the Town Band Committee was held in the Council Chamber on last Wednesday night - Provost Greig presiding - when Bailie Duncan submitted the balance sheet of the New Year’s Day entertainment .