Offering an alternative

The Nappy Laundry Company, based in Stonehaven, is celebrating five years in business laundering, retailing and promoting cloth nappies across the North-east.

Over the five years, the business has prevented over 40 tonnes of disposable nappy waste going into landfill by offering parents an alternative to throw away nappies.

Business owner Nicole Hepburn said: “Over the last five years cloth nappies have become easier to use and more and more parents are realising that it is a great alternative to disposables, not only is it better for your baby and the environment it is also kinder on the pocket.

“Cloth nappy users can save as much as £500 per child and in the current economic climate more parents are turning to cloth.”

The continuing interest in cloth nappies has seen The Nappy Laundry Company bucking the downturn and investing in a new website.

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