PAD up and running in Auchenblae

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Auchenblae has joined a number of rural communities in Scotland with the introduction of a Public Access Defibrillator to the village centre.

After nearly a year of work by volunteers to get the equipment set up the ‘PAD’ is now available for anyone to use in case of an emergency.

Mark Strickland, a local paramedic who moved to Auchenblae from Edinburgh, was at the forefront of getting the PAD installed.

He said: “When you live in a rural area like this there is a lack of medical services right on your front door.

“So having a defibrillator here could prove pivotal if someone has a cardiac arrest.

“There was no funding for this so we had to raise the money ourselves but local residents and businesses have been very generous.

“There was a team of about half a dozen of us and I’d like to thank Auchenblae Community Association, Shirley Castles, BHF, BT and local residents who donated.

“This can be done a lot cheaper but having it in the phone box helps it stand out.

“BT sold us the box for £1 and also replaced the broken panels and provided paint for Jess Thomas to paint the box with.”

“We will be announcing classes through our Facebook (Auchenblae Community Defibrillator) teaching people how to use the PAD.”