Pavilion plan launch for Laurencekirk

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AN ambitious scheme is about to be launched in Laurencekirk, which will attempt to bring about a new pavilion/public toilets in the Memorial Park.

The pavilion scheme is being jointly promoted by Mearns Community Council and development group Villages in Control.

A sub-committee has been formed made up of members of the two bodies and will meet shortly to take things forward.

Community Council chairman David Nelson said this week that all the Laurencekirk community council representatives are on the sub-committee.

“Things are at a very early stage, but I think the will is there to get something done for the good of Laurencekirk. I do not know where the funding will come from, but the aim is a new pavilion.

“The need for improved toilet provision in Laurencekirk has been on our agenda for some time.

“This was highlighted again when area manager William Munro visited to see the problems that exist and it was he who suggested that the time could be right to do something about the development of such facilities.

“VIC and ourselves agreed that we would jointly take things forward. The first thing to do is establish exactly what is required.

“There are various avenues of funding out there, such as Lottery, Sports Council and LEADER.

“It is early days, but the need for toilets in the park is indisputable.

“There is a superb new children’s playground, a skatepark and tennis courts, but no toilet block accessible to the general public.

“There are toilets in the existing football changing rooms, but they are only open when there is a football match on.

“Any new toilets may have restricted hours, but there is a definite need.

“There is a need for two sets of toilets in Laurencekirk, one in the High Street and one in the park.

“For some time Aberdeenshire Council have been pushing us to choose one or the other but we have argued no. We say that Laurencekirk is a big enough community to deserve two toilets.

“We are happy to be working with VIC on this one. We are all volunteers working towards the same ends.

“The new pavilion in the park at Fettercairn is a lovely example of what can be achieved.

“It took them a long time to achieve their goal, but Fettercairn have shown Laurencekirk the way if you like.

“Laurencekirk is a go-ahead community which is not afraid to work for what it wants as was show by the efforts to create an extended and refurbished Dickson Hall.”

Mr Nelson added that with the Olympics coming to Britain in 2012 and the Commonwealth Games coming to Scotland in 2014, there could be scope for a variety of spin-offs, especially those with a sporting link and that this part of the country should be in line to get a share.