Pavilion to be discussed

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The next meeting to discuss the proposed new pavilion in the Memorial Park, Laurencekirk will be held on January 17.

At that meeting, members of the pavilion committee and others will attempt to take the project forward by deciding on a preferred site and investigating various sources of funding.

The pavilion project is making slow but steady progress, but some branches of Aberdeenshire Council do not seem to be up to speed.

Recently the council’s landscape services have planted a large number of trees in the park, with one clump of trees exactly where the new pavilion car park is likely to go.

Speaking this week, community councillor Hilda Kerr said she was astonished to see that trees had been planted without any consultation with Mearns Community Council.

“They have planted what seems to be hundreds of trees in the park, one batch is beside the skatepark and the other is on the slope by the war memorial. The site by the skatepark is where the new car park is likely to go.

“The trees are tiny little things, held up by stakes and already a number of them seem to have been damaged by the wind.

“I am all for trees, but it would have been nice if Aberdeenshire Council had let us know and we could have told them the area that is earmarked for parking.

“There is another pavilion meeting next week, but at the moment is seems that the new pavilion could go on the site of the existing one, with the parking alongside.

“There will have to be further discussions as the quotes which came in were rather high and the project may have to be scaled back a little.”

It is hoped to upgrade and extend the existing tennis courts into all-weather pitches as part of the pavilion project.

Mrs Kerr is also highlighting the state of the new trees at Kinnear Square, planted it was said to allow the existing mature trees round the square to be taken down some time in the future.

She says that a number of the new trees are dead, while others have the material put down to control weeds, eating into the bark.

“I see that recently three of the big trees have been taken down and others have yellow marks on them. I hope that is not a sign that they are to be felled as well as I can’t see anything wrong with them.

“There has certainly been a lack of attention paid to the replacements and they are suffering from neglect. It seems that once they plant something they just forget about them.

“The way the trees are at the moment I fear they are never going to grow.”

The community council have been asking for some time to have the petrol symbols removed from the signs on the A90 on the approaches to Laurencekirk as it is some years since there has been petrol on sale in the town.

The symbol was blacked out on the northbound sign before Christmas and now Mrs Kerr is pleased to report that the same has been done on the southbound sign. She hopes that one day petrol sales will return to Laurencekirk.