PDCC moving things forward for community

Portlethen and District Community Council took place on Tuesday and the meeting had a general positive attitude about different needs getting pushed in the area and success in achieving what they have been trying to gain recently.

There was much delight at money being allocated for a community facility at Hillside and also a lot of praise for Portlethen clean up group PERC UP who have shown enthusiasm and drive in their goals for the foreseeable future.

Grampian Police officers reported that there has been increased policing in Nicol Park and stop and search procedures have been carried out.

Local group Skip-Hop applied for funding as did Fishermoss Parent Council. Skip-hop received £500 from the Clochandighter account. Fishermoss Parent Council are trying to raise £18,000 for agility equipment in the playground. They have already raised £11,725 and the PDCC awarded them a further £1000

However, Aberdeenshire Council Roads Manager Stuart McFarlane attended the meeting to be questioned on a number of road layout and safety issues in the area.

One area that caused great concern was the underpass at the North end of Hillside. Members of the public and the PDCC feel that the roundabout is an “accident waiting to happen” because when approaching from the A90 the visibility to the right (under the tunnel) is reduced and those coming out the tunnel can see clearly so their speed is increased. Many said vehicles often don’t bother stopping or have to start off from stationary, meaning they fail to get adequate speed up in time to avoid oncoming traffic from under the tunnel.

Mr McFarlane said the road has been there for four years now and there has been no accidents, to which the PDCC and members of the public said they shouldn’t have to wait for that to get something done, especially with the building of even more houses in the area.