Castle project solves dining room flooding

Work under way to prevent flooding in the Dunnottar Castle dining room area
Work under way to prevent flooding in the Dunnottar Castle dining room area

A project to prevent flooding in the dining room area of Dunnottar Castle has been completed.

The work was carried out as water was becoming trapped in the centre of the room.

Historic Environment Scotland gave permission for the project, which was undertaken with two archaeologists present, in case anything of historical value being discovered.

All of the castle’s rooms have drainage systems in-built, but flood problems were encountered in the dining due to wear and fluctuations in the gradient of the floor.

Work was done by hand to prevent any damage to the castle itself – as it would be virtually impossible to get any kind of machinery into the Dining Room area.

Extra material was brought in – again by hand – to be used along with the material originally removed from a hole in the room dug to a specified depth. There was no evidence of subsidence.

A section of cobbled path around the edge of the dining room - which was put in the 1920s – had to be removed and then carefully replaced.

Castle custodian Jim Wands said: “There’s always work to do at the castle to keep it looking great for our visitors.

“This latest project was just a small part of our conservation management plan which sets out our planned work schedule for the next 10 years.

“The plan will see many improvements both large and small, but each one important in maintaining such an iconic site for future generations to enjoy.”