Mearns roads update at
drop-in session

Abbeyton Bridge was dismantled over Christmas. Picture: Aberdeenshire Council
Abbeyton Bridge was dismantled over Christmas. Picture: Aberdeenshire Council

A public drop-in event will be held in Fordoun next week to discuss the situation relating to local roads, which have been affected by bridge closures.

Abbeyton Bridge was demolished at Christmas in the interests of public safety and Fordoun Station railway bridge has been closed since November due to the collapse of a retaining wall.

The collapsed wall led to subsidence of the carriageway and closure of the road over the railway bridge.

The identification of weak edge beams on the bridge, owned by Network Rail, means that once the wall is rebuilt the road width will need to be reduced to a single lane to protect the bridge, with vehicle movements controlled by traffic lights.

Council officers want to discuss this solution to reopen the road with the community.

An update will also be given on the search for potential funding for a new bridge at Abbeyton.

Aberdeenshire Council’s bridges manager Donald MacPherson said: “Prioritisation of bridge replacements is an ongoing process and there are a range of bridges throughout Aberdeenshire which “require attention, each competing for available resources.

“This meeting is a chance to share our work to date with the local community and show what the roads network will look like in different scenarios.

“We expect to spend around £150,000 providing a solution to reopen the road at Fordoun Station railway bridge.”

The drop-in event will take place at Fordoun Community Hall on Monday, May 27, from 3-7pm.

A specialist contractor was brought in to demolish the 170-year-old Abbeyton Bridge over Christmas at a cost of around £1 million.

It was shut last July following the discovery by inspectors of serious failings in the stonework.

The bridge closures have had a major impact on local communities who have complained of disruption and inconvenience..

The local authority has said previously that significant investment would be required to replace the Abbeyton Bridge, and that would have to be considered in the context of current budget provision.