Rail bosses urged to open local stations

Laurencekirk station
Laurencekirk station

A councillor has stepped up his call for more local railway stations - particularly in Newtonhill.

North Kincardine Liberal Democrat Ian Mollison has urged rail bosses to build on improvements to services in the North-east by opening more stations.

He pressed his case again at a recent meeting of Aberdeenshire Council’s infrastructure services committee.

Committee members were addressed on improvements to local services by two Network Rail managers.

Councillor Mollison said after the meeting: “There is significant investment being put into the rail network in the North-east, principally with the reinstatement of double track to Inverness, the better rolling stock – the former inter-city trains – coming to Aberdeen, and the hourly Montrose-Aberdeen-Inverurie Crossrail service.

“All very welcome. However, taking an extra step by opening local stations could really reap benefits.

“We have seen how the re-opened Laurencekirk station greatly exceeded expectations. Kintore is due to open next year.

“Portlethen station has seen passenger numbers increase even though very few trains stopping there. Crossrail will be a great boon for the town.”

He explained that local stations at Newtonhill, Cove, Altens, and elsewhere in the city could bring even greater benefits - more people would switch from their cars to a regular commuter rail service.