“Perfect storm” destruction

Parts of Stonehaven were left damaged this week after a rare combination of tidal forces, strong winds and atmospheric pressure created the “prefect storm” causing destruction in the town.

Chaos was caused along the coast as waves battered the beach-front and harbour. Twenty-five residents from the Turner Court and Hanover Court sheltered housing complexes were evacuated in the early hours of Saturday morning after the sea caused flooding, some had to be rescued through windows as the force of the water meant that opening doors was impossible.

Waves smashed windows as water flooded people’s homes and businesses on the beach front were damaged. The boardwalk in Stonehaven was badly damaged during the storm and will need to be removed to see if it can be repaired.

It was originally thought that extensive damage had been done to the harbour however damage appears to be less extensive than first thought, with superficial damage to the sandstone wall coping.

On Saturday as daylight showed the full extent of the damage, residents and businesses were counting the cost and the clean-up began.

The Scottish Flood Forum arrived in Stonehaven on Wednesday to help with providing assistance to affected households.

They will be at Aberdeenshire Council’s housing office on Allardice Street on Thursday and Friday.

Kincardine & Deeside Befriending have agreed to offer support for anybody cut off from friends and family after being provided with temporary accommodation.

A total of 14 people from the Hanover Court and Turner’s Court sheltered housing complexes have been temporarily accommodated at the new Edenholme care village.

Aberdeenshire Council staff are contacting all other sheltered housing residents, who may have gone straight to stay with friends or family, to see if they have longer term accommodation needs.

Standard-sized flood gates and vent guards are available at a discounted rate from the council’s Flood Protection Unit on 01569 768517.