Petition launched for Newtonhill

A petition has been launched to provide free transport to pupils in Newtonhill heading to Portlethen Academy.

The petition was launched by Lisa Convery and comes after a car came off the A90 and landed into a garden on St Ternan’s Road.

The petition page says: “There seems to be a variation in the village in who gets free and who needs to pay for School bus travel and the council’s logic of why..I’ve contacted Aberdeenshire council and told by transport dept that distance is from bus travel and reason that St Ann’s area gets free is because they have further to walk to a bus stop.

“A bus has been provided which is heavily subsidised but yet they calculate a walking distance from your house to the school. I think given the recent accident at the weekend (and two others before in the same area) where a car crashed into the garden off the dual carriageway there is no way we can expect our children to walk safely to school if for some cannot afford the travel..The school bus should be provided free for all in Newtonhill.”

The petiton currently has 294 signatures at the time of the Mearns Leader going to press.

Ewan Wallace, Head of Transportation for Aberdeenshire Council said: “We are aware of local concerns however as per council policy of 2013, a safe alternative to walking is available. A bus service is in place to transport pupils to Portlethen Academy from Newtonhill.”

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