Plans to close accident blackspot at Portlethen

A central reservation on a stretch of the A90 which is notorious for accidents could soon be closed if plans by Transport Scotland go ahead.

Portlethen and District Community Council have received a notification that Transport Scotland are planning to close the central reservation on the A90 at the Bruntland Road turn off.

The main reason for the closure is due to safety as there have been a number of accidents in the specific area over the years.

Former North Kincardine Councillor Paul Melling, who has recently joined the Community Council, questioned why there was no mention by Transport Scotland of a potential slip road being put in place on the southbound carriageway into Bruntland Road, an area he has been campaigning to be changed for years. In 2010 Transport Scotland said acceleration and deceleration lanes would be too costly.

In 2009 Aberdeenshire Council met with Transport Scotland, BEAR Scotland and Grampian Police where they discussed three options for the accident black spot.

The three options included closure of the central reservation gap opposite Bruntland Road, closure of Bruntland Road at its junction with the A90 and measures to allow a left turn only from Bruntland Road on the A90.

Aberdeenshire Council were then asked to conduct a traffic model survey to see what impact, if any, the options would have on the road network.

The result of the traffic model was that any of the three option would have a “minimal impact” on traffic.

At the time, the PDCC unanimously agreed that the third option would be the best, allowing left turns only from Bruntland Road onto the A90.

At Tuesday’s PDCC meeting there were slightly differing views on the junction and some of the Community Council members stated that the junction is not dangerous and that drivers just need to take more care in negotiating it and judging speed, whilst others said that something desperately needed to be done to improve the situation currently in place.

In 2010 a spokesperson for Transport Scotland said their ultimate goal would be to close off Bruntland Road completely, but that would be unlikely to get the support of the community or council, and their next option would be to close the central reservation gap. This means left turns into and out of the junction would remain but people would no longer be able to turn right across the busy A90 dual-carriageway.

The junction was thrown into the spotlight in 2009 after a bus turning across the road collided with a van, and a young mother was seriously injured and had to undergo an emergency caesarian section.

The junction has been the site of numerous accidents in recent years.