Police welcome new cadets

Grampian Police have announced a record number of police cadets have signed up in their most recent intake.

On August 20, 19 new Cadets were recruited to the force - the largest single intake of cadets to date, and the last recruitment of cadets by Grampian Police before the amalgamation of all the Scottish police forces in April 2013.

Sergeant Gavin Davidson from the Recruiting and Training department said, “We are delighted that so many young people have been given the opportunity to become Grampian police cadets this year and that the successful applicants represent all areas within the force.

“Of our newest recruits, there are six young women and thirteen young men. Three cadets come from Moray, eight from Aberdeenshire, and eight from Aberdeen.

“In addition to working at their local police offices, the cadets will be given the chance to work in, and learn about, the various departments within Grampian Police.

“Our new cadets are especially keen to get involved with their local communities and will be helping out at community organisations.

The community work undertaken by the cadets helps towards an SQA qualification for ‘Developing Community Citizenship’, which is something they can be very proud of.”

On Wednesday September 5, a family evening was hosted by Chief Constable Colin McKerracher, where the cadets were formally welcomed into the Grampian Police family.

As part of the evening’s events, the cadets delivered presentations about their experiences so far in the police and announced which charities they would raise funds for during their year as a cadet.