Politics and policy a Gray area for Chris

The 2015 general Election campaign is heating up and West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine’s (WAK) seat is among the most disputed.

Identified as a key target by the Liberal Democrats, Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Nationalist Party, WAK residents also had an independent candidate to consider.

Now, Christopher Gray from Newtonhill has withdrawn his candidacy for the Westminster seat.

When the 41 year-old postman first put his name forward for parliament, he said: “My only policy is to have no set policies. Instead I intend to visit 50 constituents at their own home/doorstep every week...I will ask these 50 people how I should vote on acts currently before parliament.”

Mr Gray lost his home in Newtonhill and has moved to Aberdeen, having failed to secure residency within the constituency.

He said: “As a result of this move, I will now be standing as a candidate in the Aberdeen South constituency.”