Aberdeenshire burial records available online

The records of individuals buried in Aberdeenshire can now be accessed online following the completion of work to digitise them.

Aberdeenshire Council’s burial records have been added to the specialist family history website www.deceasedonline.com

The local authority manages in excess of 200 burial grounds and cemeteries across the area and has carried out the work to make burial records available and accessible to the general public.

Users of the website can search the database for free before choosing to pay a small fee for individual details and records which can then be downloaded and saved.

Aberdeenshire Council’s head of roads and landscapes, Philip McKay, said: “I am delighted that Aberdeenshire Council has completed digitisation of these fascinating records.

“The new dataset is very important in the context of family history and allows not only Aberdeenshire residents to discover more about their local heritage but also gives visitors from further afield the opportunity to trace their roots and discover more about their ancestry.”

“By making records more accessible and easier to search for, many people will be able to trace their ancestors to a location which help spark research into why that person is buried there and what their life was like.”

The Deceased Online team is participating in the ‘Routes to your North East Roots’ event at Haddo House on Saturday and Sunday (August 9 and 10) where they will be focusing largely on the Aberdeenshire records.