Bank closures appealed

The Clydesdale bank in Stonehaven.
The Clydesdale bank in Stonehaven.

The Co-Leaders of Aberdeenshire Council, Alison Evison and Richard Thomson, have written to the Clydesdale Bank to express their real disappointment about the imminent closure of the branches in Stonehaven, Aboyne, Banff, Fraserburgh and Mintlaw and to appeal for the closures to be reconsidered.

Their letter pointed to the lack of consultation prior to the decision to close the branches.

The Co-Leaders raised their concern that many residents who currently use these branches cannot access a digital alternative, either due to slow broadband speeds or a lack of secure internet access.

They also raised the importance of local banking for businesses in the area, who would struggle to complete cash-based transactions without a branch nearby.

“The closure of the Stonehaven branch will make financial transactions more difficult for residents in Stonehaven and the villages beyond. Customers have been advised to use the branch at Queens Cross in Aberdeen, which is not readily accessible by public transport. “ said Alison Evison.

“Many community groups already find opening bank accounts for their organisations to be very challenging, and the closure of these branches will make that process even harder. Consideration must also be given to the future of the staff at a time of economic uncertainty locally. And the future of the magnificient building in which the Stonehaven branch is housed will also be an understandable concern to many locals. “