Election goes without a hitch in Aberdeenshire

The Aberdeenshire Council Election 2012 went off without a hitch, with all results declared within four hours of the count start.

Electors went to the polls on Thursday in a Scotland-wide election to decide all 32 of the country’s councils

Ballot boxes from polling places across Aberdeenshire were brought to the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre count venue and stored overnight.

The count venue was organised jointly with Aberdeen City Council and counting for Aberdeenshire started at 10am, with all 19 wards declared by around 2pm.

Electronic counting was used this year alongside the Single Transferable Vote system of voting, and everything went smoothly.

The dozens of staff on the Aberdeenshire Council count team did a great job, and were praised for their efforts by Returning Officer and Aberdeenshire Council chief executive Colin Mackenzie.

The number of seats won in Aberdeenshire was: SNP 28, Conservatives 14, Liberal Democrats 12, Independent 11, Labour 2 and Scottish Greens 1.

Election officer Allan Bell said: “Team Aberdeenshire did a great job, and they were obviously happy with having done so.

“We have a brilliant team of people at the council and particularly within the election team; they have lots of experience and an interest in the process, which leads to great outcomes because they know what we’re trying to do.”

Mr Mackenzie said: “It’s been a really well managed process, our staff have been great and we’re very pleased with the way things went.

“The whole thing was the result of many, many months of careful planning and rehearsal and I’m extremely grateful for all the hard work which goes into this.

“I’m so pleased we have such enthusiastic staff, committed to making Aberdeenshire Council the best when it comes to elections.”

Both Mr Mackenzie and Mr Bell praised electronic count system providers Logica and Opt2Vote for their professionalism and support.