Westminster Comment - David Cameron is ‘out-of-touch’

I’d like to use my column this week to address the response I’ve experienced with the refugee crisis.

Like many of you, I watched with dismay, the tiny, 3 year old body of Alyn Kurdi, in his bright red T-shirt, wash ashore like a piece of driftwood. With great sadness l witnessed all the profoundly disturbing images of the Syrian refugees fleeing their war-torn homeland.

As our appalled nation looked to the Prime Minister to express our compassion and exert moral leadership, David Cameron showed himself to be out-of-touch with the caring British public.

In contrast we saw the humane and very real emotional response of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

I echo her welcome, to all those in need or peril, here in Scotland.

The First Minister expressed our collective dismay at the terrible ordeal of our fellow human beings and echoed our own compassion in offering to help however possible.

I also witnessed with hope and respect, the wonderful outpouring of genuine welcome and support offered to all the Syrian refugees entering Germany and Austria.

The inspiring scenes of welcome across European cities have done much to restore my faith in humanity.

Sadly the belated acknowledgement by our Prime Minister as to the severity and nature of the crisis has been much less inspiring.

British people have felt shame at the lack of compassion displayed in the Government’s position, having been forced to demonstrate some belated concern.

This week we, the 56 SNP MPs in Westminster, will use our first ever opposition debate, to seek expedient solutions to the current refugee crisis and to challenge the Government to be more generous in its response.

We need to address with urgency this unbearable suffering.

We will be urging all of our parliamentary colleagues across the chamber, from all parties, to joins us.

We are all elected to parliament to represent the wishes of the people we serve and our mail-bags tell us that they wish to see moral leadership and human compassion combine in meaningful action to help these poor desperate people now.

Parliament is now sitting again after the summer recess.

This week sees other important debates taking place and I’m looking forward to the new term.

Unfortunately, I’ve hit a bit of a set back with my new Parliamentary office premises, more on that in my column next week!

As ever, if you need my representation, please get in touch on stuart.donaldson.mp@parliament.uk