Worrying increase in cold callers around Kincardine

North Kincardine Councillor Alison Evison has called for people to contact trading standards for advice following a rise in cold callers.

Portlethen has seen a number of cold callers operating in the area and, while it is not illegal, Cllr Evison has told vulnerable residents they should not be talked into making purchases they may not want.

The Aberdeenshire councillor has said that Trading Standards would be happy to hear from people.

She added: “An increasing number of residents are contacting me because they are worried about the persistence of a growing number of cold callers in the area,

“Doorstep selling is not illegal, but it seems that some people are feeling pressurised into making instant decisions for services they do not really want.”

“It is particularly important that we ensure that any vulnerable residents in our community are not talked into making instant purchases on the doorstep.”

“Aberdeenshire Trading Standards is happy to give advice about dealing with cold callers.

‘‘They can be contacted by emailing trading.standards@aberdeenshire.gov.uk”

Meanwhile, Trading Standards have tweeted (@AberdeenshireTS): “We have had reports of cold callers in the Portlethen area over the weekend.

‘‘Please advise elderly neighbours who may not be on social media.”