Portlethen BB invitation

As part of its ongoing recruitment campaign, The Boys’ Brigade, has called on all children aged 5-18 to join the adventure at 1st Portlethen Company.

The 1st Portlethen Company meets at Portlethen Church Hall every Wednesday at 6.30pm (age 5 to 10) and Friday at 7.00pm (age 11 to 18).

For over 125 years, The Boys’ Brigade has reached out to millions of children and young people across the globe.

Today it continues to engage children and young people (aged 5 to 18) by means of weekly meetings, residentials, special events, community involvement and training programmes.

The Boys’ Brigade offers an experience of life beyond what is possible in school or at home and encourages children and young people discover and develop their potential by engaging in exciting activities, making new friends and having fun.

There are currently over 75,000 members around the UK and Ireland, but there are thousands of children and young people who currently don’t know about the adventure their missing out on. For further information on joining the Company or volunteering as a leader, please email 1stportlethen@boys-brigade.org.uk or telephone 01224 596357.