Portlethen SWRI

Monday, December 9, was Christmas Party night at Portlethen SWRI and each member contributed to the lavish buffet which we all enjoyed. Afterwards they played games and had a quiz. Everyone took along a ‘‘Secret Santa’’ in the form of a raffle prize and there was a competition for the best wrapped gift. Winners were: 1. Isobel Goddard, 2. Betty Silver, 3. Helen Wilson.

Apologies for the mix-up over last month’s winners. Correct results as folows: household relic - 1 Jane Sanders, 2 Wilma Duguid, 3 Betty Silver. Toffee apple - 1 Helen Gauld, 2 Beatrice Hay, 3 Liz Cook.

Helen Gauld thanked everyone for their efforts in making the evening a success and wished everyone a Happy Christmas.