Priorities discussed

The newly elected Councillors for Kincardine and the Mearns were asked by Stonehave and District Community Council at their first meeting since the election to highlight their priorities for the area.

After welcoming the newly elected representatives, Chairman of Stonehaven and District community Council, Michael Innes asked each of the area Councillors to ouline what they thought the main issues in the are are.

All four of the Councillors; Cllr Agnew, Cllr Bellarby, Cllr Clarke and Cllr Christie had very similar views on the main issues in the area.

The need for a supermarket in Stonehaven was one of the main issues which came up. Another was the need for tourism to be promoted in the town.

Cllr Bellarby said: “My vision is that Stonehaven will be the best small town in Scotland and I want it to be a prime tourism place.”

Cllr Clark said he wanted Stonehaven to be a place people wanted to come on holiday. he said: “The Caravan Club is part of that, I think it would bring visitors into the town and I think it would bring busnesses into the town and into the existing shops.” One of the aspects which the Councillors identified as important in the development of the town for tourism was the Bervie Braes. Cllr Agnew emphasised the need for the Bervie braes road to be re-opened and highlighted the importance of the paniramic view of the town as a key factor to attracting tourists.

The other Councillors agreed with this and all four Couoncillors pledged their support of continuing the project and trying to find a solution which would allow the road to be re-opened.

Another issue which the Councillors highlighted was the need for affordable housing in the area.

Cllr Agnew said: “More Council houses have to be built, particuarly as it becomes harder to get a mortgage.” She also said she was investigating the idea of Council houses to rent.

Cllr Clarke highlighted the need for Aberdeenshire Council to protect vulnerable people.

He said: “In these days of no money we have really got to look after these people (vulnerable people) we have to watch because if we start cutting back these people will suffer.”

Another of the issues the Councillors mentioned was the flood defences in Stonehaven they said that improvements had to continue to be made.

Cllr Bellarby explained that he felt that transport in the area had to be improved . He also paid tribute to the groups who work hard to keep Stonehaven looking nice.

He said: “We have to keep the appearance of Stonahaven right. We must support Horizon, adopt a street and the beach clean who all keep the Town looking nice.” He also outlined his support of the community asset transfers and emphasised how important they are for the town.

Newly elected Councillor, Ravmond Christie, agreed with all of the issues outlined above and explained that for him, supporting youths in Stonehaven is a priority. He said: “I think youths in Stonehaven is very, very important.” In particular he praised the work of the active Hub.