Protect your community

Grampian Fire and Rescue Service has launched a recruitment campaign looking for people to join the Service as part-time firefighters. The Service is looking for men and women who can quickly respond to emergencies in their local communities.

Area Manager David Rout, who heads operational firefighting in Grampian said: “This is a concerted campaign to raise awareness and interest in a challenging but highly rewarding role in the heart of our communities.

“We have 33 fire stations across our area that are staffed by people who carry a pager and respond from home, from their workplace, or wherever they happen to be when the call comes for help.

“Part-time, or Retained, firefighters receive excellent and continuous training and experience that can be applied to home and work life. Many employers are happy to support us by allowing their staff to respond to emergencies during the working day because of the direct benefit they receive by their employees getting that additional training and exposure to sometimes very intense activity.”

A fire service spokesman said: “We are a front-line emergency service and our communities rely on us to be available when needed and to respond to calls for help quickly, efficiently and professionally.

“There is a great satisfaction in being part of a real team serving our own local communities in very real emergency situations.

“We have a focused team of men and women from many different backgrounds who have one thing in common – they’re all committed to making their towns and villages safer places for everybody.”

The Service is looking for people who live or work in the Grampian area and who can be available to respond to calls for help at different times of the day.