Public hall unlikely 
to reopen

Fettercairn Public Hall
Fettercairn Public Hall

Fettercairn Public Hall which is currently closed is unlikely to reopen this year after rot was discovered within the building.

The Fettercairn Public Property Committee have said that no bookings are being taken at present but residents will be updated when the extent of the future work requirements are known.

The group have had some good news recently when they were successful in their application from the Auquhirie Community Fund. They received £3,225 towards the cost of replacement windows. The total cost of all the elevations will be in the region of £65,000. Fettercairn Public Property Committee are on target to raise the £25,000 for the first phase of urgent remdial work to the stonework at the public hall.

So far £22,000 has been raised with the next major fundraiser next week in Fettercairn church.