Pupils raise cash for Malawian school

THE Gourdon Primary pupils who have raised �600 for Mtimawoyera School in Malawi.
THE Gourdon Primary pupils who have raised �600 for Mtimawoyera School in Malawi.

PRIMARY pupils at Gourdon School have raised £600 for children at a Malawian school.

The Primary 4 and 5 pupils managed to raise the funds by holding a bring and buy sale last month, and inviting the other pupils, parents and community to get involved.

With toys, books and homebaking on offer, over £500 was made on the day, with further donations being made by staff and local business to take the total to £600.

The children were inspired to fundraise for Mtimawoyera School after a visit from staff at the Milltown Community - a project for people with special needs based at Arbuthnott which sends re-conditioned tools to Malawi in aid of the charity Tools for Self Reliance.

Headteacher Sandra Japp said: “The children thought it would be a great idea to raise money for the schools in the Zomba region, so they wrote to the school, and the children there wrote back to us - this grew from what was meant to be a little project and it just shows what our children can do when they are motivated and enthusiastic and can see the point of what they are learning.

“It has been a really, really good project and the Mrs Madden, the class teacher, has steered the whole thing through - she has really taken it and run with it. It is very much in the spirit of the Curriculum for Excellence - the children have been heavily and actively involved in their learning. Here are these kids who have got a lot, giving to children who have got nothing. It is just fantastic.”

Susan Madden said: “Getting letters back from the school, with a photo, made it really real for the children. They have been really enthusiastic about the project and are all really sad that it is coming to an end.

“It has made them think about children in other countries and how lucky they are here.”