Reclaiming Stoney Square

S2 pupils from Mackie Academy
S2 pupils from Mackie Academy

Stonehaven and District Community Council are working with Mackie Academy to look at ideas to regenerate the market square .

The community council have teamed up with S2 pupils at Mackie Academy, who have drawn up some ideas under the guidance of their design teacher, Michelle Grey.

The pupils’ designs ranged from folding and adaptable street furniture made of material that takes in light during the day and then discharges it at night in a phosphorescent; glow, to a central fountain and interesting paths leading to it. Other s2 pupil groups suggested a specific play area, an adaptable stage, and igloo-shaped transparent shelters.

The s2 pupils are continuing to refine their design models and the community council is continuing its dialogue with Aberdeenshire Council and the Town’s Improvement Group with regards to a WiFi mesh, and other design ideas for regenerating and reclaiming the Town Square - one of which is a talking statue.

They hope to have a part of the Square regenerated by next Summer.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “Any changes to the Square would have to go through all the usual processes.”