Renewed calls for flyover at junction

A90 accident at Laurencekirk last week'Copyright Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES
A90 accident at Laurencekirk last week'Copyright Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES

There have been fresh calls for a flyover at Laurencekirk following an accident last week involving a car and a lorry.

The accident happened last Friday at 8.30am just one day after a leading campaigner for a flyover at the notorious junction had met with the Transport Minister Derek Mackay.

A man was taken to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee by police escort.

The accident has led to renewed calls for a grade separated junction which Jill Fotheringham and others in the community have been campaigning for 10 years.

Posting on the A937/A90 campaign page on Facebook before the accident Ms Fortheringham said there was still quite a way to go after her meeting with the Transport Minister.

She said: ““I wish I could tell everyone that we left Edinburgh today with a promise of a flyover in our pockets, however we are a bit away from that yet. Thank you Andrew Ogilvie for coming along. In one way we could call today a success.

“We went to plead our case for a flyover. We did and he listened. He tells us progress is being made but he appreciates it is not as fast as we want.

“For me, this was actually quite positive because I’ve had so many meetings where I’ve been told the junction works well and nothing needs to be done. And believe me, that’s always hard to hear!

“Now it is the wait for Nestrans report to be issued, this should be fairly soon, their recommendations will go to Transport Scotland and after that, there will be a decision made.”

Others on the Facebook site have said they have seen near misses on a daily basis and more should be done at the junction.

Sanjay Samani said: “Even after 20 years driving, and having done a double somersault from a patch of ice, that junction is the biggest challenge I see driving.

“Scares the willies out of me every time I go through it. And will happily divert to northern junctions to avoid it. Today’s crash just demonstrates why.”

Lesley Anne McNamee said: “I live in Marykirk and I’m becoming increasingly concerned by the amount and speed of traffic coming through. Very worrying with small children. Nobody seems to slow down.”