Report suggests Recreation Grounds could be retail site


Two possible retail sites have been identified in a report carried out on behalf of Stonehaven Town Partnership (STP).

STP have identified the Recreation Grounds and Spurryhillock as potential sites. after commissioning an independent report from MKA Economics.

MKA were tasked with present ing an economic development critique of 12 potential retail sites in the Stonehaven area.

Most of the sites were considered by Aberdeenshire Council in May, and some were not.

The report showed that the two possible development locations had the potential to provide economic benefit to the town.

However, Spurryhillock has already proved unattractive for retailers owing to its limitations.

The other, involving redevelopment of the Recreation Grounds, also has its challenges including maintaining all the community services currently provided in the area.

STP believe it is entirely possible that retail and commercial development could be a catalyst for new and improved leisure facilities.

Chairman Douglas Samways said in a letter to councillors before the vote: “Our desire is for development that both delivers the short term retail need, but also sustains Stonehaven centre as a vibrant community.

“We are keen that future developments not only tick the obligatory boxes, but also contribute to the long term prosperity of the town’s community spirit, charm and cultural heritage.

‘‘These are the things that make Stonehaven an attractive destination in which to live, visit, work and invest.”