Reporter Bethany gets her running shoes on for JDRF

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A Deeside journalist is set to put on her running shoes to raise money for a cause which is very close to her heart.

Bethany Ewen, who works for the Deeside Piper in Banchory, will be running the Baker Hughes 10k twice consecutively in May to raise funds for the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

The 23-year-old Newtonhill resident, who worked formerly at the Piper’s Stonehaven-based sister paper, the Mearns Leader, is fundraising for the charity after her little cousin, two-year-old Milly Scott, was diagnosed with type one diabetes after she was taken to hospital critically ill.

Bethany said: “I didn’t realise how much diabetes affects someone until this happened. You begin to think of all the things she won’t be able to do, how careful she’ll have to be with what she eats, the extent to which she’ll have to be watched when at birthday parties and how difficult it will be telling her she can’t always eat what the rest of the other children are having.

“She (as well as many others affected) will have to get numerous injections every day, for the rest of her life, and many things such as family days out will need to be organised around her diabetes.”

Milly, who lives in Selkirk with her parents and five-year-old brother, Hamish, was the youngest person to be admitted to the Borders General Hospital with type one diabetes, the previous youngest patient being aged four.

Originally, Bethany planned a fundraising target of only £250 and said in the unlikely event she makes £500, she’ll run the planned 10k again straight after finishing - unbeknown to her quite how generous people would be.


With the support of friends and family, the former Portlethen Academy pupil has well and truly smashed that total making over £500 in less than a day, and with her page currently sitting at over £1000 she is set to not only run the Baker Hughes 10k once, but to then run it again - meaning she will be running 20k, almost the equivalent of a half marathon to raise funds for JDRF.

Bethany explained: “JDRF aim to improve the lives of people with type one diabetes until they find a cure. They fund research to try to cure, treat and prevent the condition and provide information for children, adults and parents living with it - at all stages from diagnosis and beyond.

“For more than four decades, they’ve been at the forefront of developments, finding new ways to treat type one and progressing towards being able to halt, reverse and prevent it.”

Bethany is hoping to raise as much as possible for the National charity. Her dad Jim Ewen - who she was originally running the 10k solely to try and beat - has agreed to run the whole 20k alongside her. Two-year-old Milly had requested that if she made £1000 she had to run in an “Angelina Ballerina tutu” - to which Bethany described her as a “chancer”.

To sponsor Bethany visit her Just Giving page