Resident “disgusted” by rubbish left in cemetery

A local resident was left upset after discovering that some litter had been dumped in Fetteresso Cemetery.

The resident visited the cemetery at the weekend to lay flowers at her grandmother’s grave and she was “shocked, upset and disgusted” to see that someone had left the packaging of a cross trainer next to some bins inside the gates of the cemetery.

We contacted Aberdeenshire Council about the packaging and to ask if any other reports had been made about rubbish being left in the cemetery.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “We are disappointed to learn that someone has dumped cardboard at Fetteresso Cemetery. Our waste management team have been informed and are dealing with it.

“We would remind people that we have a recycling centre at Redcloak just off the A957 which will take cardboard and other items that are able to be recycled.

“Extra free recycling boxes and bins are also available free of charge to all residents to help them recycle more and our wasteline (0845 600 3 900) can help with all queries about waste and recycling.

“People can use the same number to report items that have been dumped and it will be dealt with by our waste management team.”