Residents’ worry at lack of sandbags

Residents in Luthermuir were left concerned as the rain battered down and streets began to fill with water, yet residents were told by Aberdeenshire Council that they would need to travel to Stonehaven to get sandbags, much to the elderly residents’ dismay.

A source told our reporter that residents used to get sandbags delivered from Laurencekirk but this wasn’t the case this time and branded it a disgrace.

A business owner in Stonehaven also expressed their concern after they were told they could not get any more sandbags because they had their allocated amount.

Later that day, Area manager for Kincardine and Mearns, Willie Munro, said: “There was a temporary shortage of sandbags at Laurencekirk but that has now been rectified and there is a supply available at the roads depot on Station Road.

“While sandbags should provide a measure of protection, home and business owners should too take their own measures to protect their properties as well.

“The council will provide sandbags at key locations for residents to use, and they can also be collected from local roads depots.

“In terms of allocation, we do not have an indefinite supply of sandbags and it is important that they are made available to people whose properties face the greatest threat of flooding.”