‘Respect our natural green space:’ council

Aberdeenshire Council has responded to criticism from a Laurencekirk resident regarding the overgrown appearance of the Memorial Park.

The local man had reported “dockens as high as trees” to the local authority last year, and they were removed.

However, they have since grown back, which has given the area an unkempt appearance.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “Semi-natural and wildflower areas in Scotland have been in decline for over 50 years, having a significant impact on our natural flora and and wildlife.

‘‘While we accept there is the need and desire for formal intensively maintained open space, there is also a need to conserve our natural environment and improve the overall mix of open spaces.

‘‘We will, however, review the issue of perennial weeds growing in the tree plantation.

‘‘Memorial Park has ,and continues to, suffer from occasional incidents of antisocial behaviour.

‘‘In particular, there are broken glass and litter accumulations in and around the play park/skate park, and we have had a number of litter bins set on fire and damage to the perimeter fence.

“Local landscape teams regularly remove litter and debris from the park and carry out maintenance activities such as grass cutting.

‘‘In addition, we will react to any reports of accumulations of litter/debris in between these programmed visits.

‘‘ I would encourage park users to adopt a ‘leave no trace’ ethos and so, at the end of each day, we ensure the parks are left tidy and free from any unsightly rubbish.

“As a local authority facing challenging financial times, the resources we have available need to be used effectively.

‘‘I would urge all visitors to enjoy but respect the beautiful natural environment we have and please remember to pick up before you leave.”