Review into police opening hours....

Police Station
Police Station

While the future of Stonehaven Police Station is still unclear, traffic provisions and opening hours are now under review.

Mark McLaren, commander of Aberdeenshire and Moray Police, has written to local councillors about a review of traffic warden provision and opening hours at police offices.

In the letter, he expressed a wish to discover how enforcement of parking could best be delivered in future and to ensure that the police provided a service to match the demand from the public.

It is noted in the letter that opportunities to work more often in partnership could be looked at to achieve a suitable public contact point.

Commenting on a decrease in the volume of visitors who attend public counters at police offices across Scotland, Mr McLaren suggested that he wanted to work with councillors to deliver the best solution.

He said: “It is now prudent to examine this aspect of service delivery to the public, to best understand the demands within the community.”

Councillor Alison Evison said that support and accessibility were ‘‘paramount’’ to the area.

She said: “There is a clear implication in this letter that the police are looking to make cost savings in these areas.

“It comes at a time when questions have already been raised locally about the future of the police station in Stonehaven after the decision to close the sheriff court.

“While the police have introduced the new 101 non-emergency phone number, this does not seem to be working smoothly everywhere and much work still needs to be done to advertise it.”

“The recent car crime across the area has meant that more people in North Kincardine have been seeking support and reassurance from the local police.

“The police, to date, have been both accessible and responsive and it is essential that this continues.”

“It is important that anyone with views about the future of local police offices contacts their local councillors so that comments can be taken forward.”