Ride the North quiz set for town hall

The Market Bar
The Market Bar

A charity pub quiz to be held in Stonehaven next month will support the fundraising efforts of seven cyclists for the Maxillofacial Unit at ARI.

One of the reasons the quiz night has been set up is because the group are going to tackle the Ride the North event in memory of a well known Stonehaven pub landlord, who sadly passed away at the start of March.

There are seven riders from the Market Bar include Shane who is Marks youngest son

There are seven riders from the Market Bar include Shane who is Marks youngest son

Mark Anderson, who owned the Market Bar, had been suffering from a brain tumour.

The Market Bar is no stranger to raising funds for the Maxillofacial Unit with over £42,000 going to it over the past several years.

The riders, calling themselves ‘‘The Marketeers,’’ are aiming to raise £20k by taking part in the Ride the North cycle.

They will ride from Inverness to Elgin one day and from Elgin to Aberdeen.

Neil Innes ,one of the organisers of the Ride the North event, told the Leader and Observer: “There was a suggestion of gathering participants together in some way ahead of the event.

‘‘I thought: ‘can I make a pub quiz out of the event themes’?

“No other town has supported our event like Stonehaven. It’s purely a charity event.

“Event contacts in Stonehaven were keen on the idea and thought we could get the community involved.

“One of the stories of our event this year has been the guys from the Market Bar, led by Andy McAllan, who are raising money for the Maxillofacial unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary – their efforts epitomise the event.

“Sadly, their team sponsor and bar owner, Mark, passed away recently and others in Stonehaven felt that a Stoney quiz night should be wholly supportive of these guys and their efforts to raise £20,000.

“All in all, our event has had wonderful support from Stonehaven cyclists, the Rugby Club and businesses.

‘‘I hope this will be a good night and raise a substantial sum.

‘‘The quiz itself will be held on Saturday, May 31, and have a tenuous cycling theme, but suitable for all.”

The Ride the North website states: “The event is supported by Hays Hydraulics with thanks also to the Market Bar & Marine Hotel.

‘‘The evening will have a Ride the North theme and ,while cycling is a central part of that, the quiz won’t be pitched at students of the Tour de France.

‘‘The cycling content will be mixed up with local knowledge, general knowledge, geography, history etc.

“We are taking bookings from teams of either three or four members. The cost of £40 per team (including half-time food) will be go wholly to the charity.

‘‘Anyone who would like to make a booking for a teamshould email neil@velodays.com.”

Andy McAllan, one of the Marketeers taking on the 170 mile Ride the North cycle, said: “The quiz night is a really kind gesture from Neil due to the fact that all the proceeds go to our fund raising pot.

“The seven riders from the Market Bar include Shane who is Mark’s youngest son and who will be 17 this year, his nephew, Greig, and his brother-in-law Ronnie - a real family affair.

“Training is going well and the nights drawing out will lead to even more of it.

‘‘We have entered into a couple of 100km rides to progress our training- the Glen Moray Bike ride and the Alford King of the Mountains.

‘‘We wont be looking to raise money from these events, just using them as time in the saddle.

“So far, we have raised in excess of £3k and that’s without having an online donation page being setup yet. It’s proving a time-consuming process owing to the different forms we need to obtain from HMRC, etc.

“Greig Horne at the Jacks on the Green cafe has kindly offered to donate stovies for the quiz night.

‘‘He said that the opportunity to give something back to the community of Stonehaven would give him great pleasure.”

A massive 46 cyclists from Stonehaven are due to take part in next year’s Ride the North challenge which is scheduled to take place in August 29-30.

More information on the Marketeers can be found on their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/themarketbikers

More information on the quiz night can be found on the Ride the North website at www.ride-the-north.co.uk/stonehaven-rtn-quiz-night/