Road will not re-open for vehicles

With work set to begin on the stabilisation of the Bervie Braes the future of the link road was left in question however, the local authority has confirmed this week that under current work to stabilise the slopes the road will not re-open to vehicles but will support walking and cycling traffic.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Roads and Landscape Services Philip McKay said: “The current scheme to stabilise the Braes has been designed to reduce the risks directly linked to the instability of the slope and the consequences associated with any potential failures.

“As has been well documented the current scheme does not allow for soil nailing across the entire slope, with that technique being used to address the areas of highest risk.

“The current advice from our geotechnical specialists indicates that overall there are advantages in prohibiting vehicular traffic from using this section of road.

“Therefore, in light of this advice it is likely that, in due course, the necessary statutory order will be promoted to formalise the temporary prohibition that is currently in place. This order would not affect use of the road by pedestrians and cyclists.”

There are concerns that this will effect tourism. Speaking at the Stonehaven and District Community Council meeting this week, Councillor Wendy Agnew had concerns about the decision.

She said: “That is the tourist coastal route. You go along it and see this beautiful coastal panorama of Stonehaven. But now tourists might miss the town because they wont see the view.”

Community Councillors said they felt that if the road was not being re-opened for vehicles a car park had to be put in place.

Residents who live near the closed road have reported large numbers of cars turning in their driveways.