Rock challenge tackle child neglect

The Mackie Academy Rock Challenge cast
The Mackie Academy Rock Challenge cast

The final preparations are underway for Mackie Academy as they set to take on schools across Scotland on June 12 in Dundee.

The team at Mackie qualified for the Scottish finals in the Dundee heat and are set to present the issue of child neglect.

This week we spoke to Amanda Barnett who said the team was motivated and up for the challenge.

She said: “This is my third year of leading the Rock Challenge team at Mackie. During the course of the past year I have had the pleasure of working closely with the senior committee which consists of S6 pupils who volunteered to run the organisation and production of the performance. They have consistently demonstrated a mature approach to their duties, liaising with pupils, staff and parents to ensure the smooth running of rehearsals and the creation of set, costumes, the sound track and the dance routine as well as the all-important fundraising activities.

“The purpose of Rock Challenge is to promote the values of the Be Your Best foundation. This is a “natural high” campaign, which encourages young people to take an active role in building safe and healthy communities. This message must be conveyed in an 8 minute performance where pupils use dance to tell the story of characters affected by a negative influence, in order to raise awareness of drug and alcohol abuse or mental health and well-being. In this year’s performance, entitled Imagimary, pupils from Mackie are presenting the issue of child neglect through the well-known story of Mary Poppins – with a slight twist. Now that the final is fast approaching, the team – including myself – are busy with final preparations. All pupils involved are extremely motivated and focused on how to develop their overall performance to compete in what I’m sure will be a very high standard final, as seen in previous years.”

Mackie Academy Rector Louise Moir added: “The level of organisation this year by our S6 pupils has been superb and the performance and set that everyone sees is genuinely all their own work which makes me very proud in terms of the leadership and determination that they have shown to get this far.”