Rotarians learn abour first responders


Portlethen Rotary Club received a talk and demonstration about the role of First Responders at their most recent meeting.

Stonehaven based first responders Chris Taylor and Campbell McLuckie were the guests of Past Rotary President Iain McLeod at last week’s meeting in the Newton Arms on Tuesday night.

Chris and Campbell explained to the gathered Rotarians that the role of a first responder could be defined as “trained members of the public, able to help while awaiting the arrival of an ambulance or other medical help”.

The Stonehaven group are unique in Scotland in that they are actually based at the ambulance station and this gives them an added level of involvement, training, and experience, which has proved invaluable during several call-out emergencies.

The Stonehaven responders have their own response van and can usually be at the scene of an event within a few minutes of being called.

They are principally trained at four levels leading up to the level of retained ambulance technician and all are trained in CPR and in the use of defibrillators, however, they are not trained in response to trauma cases. Responders are able to assist in the very important first few minutes of dealing with chest pain, breathing difficulty, choking, collapse, stroke, epilepsy and diabetes.

The organisation receives free training but all their equipment is fully self funded.

The Rotarians were very impressed with the presentation and also in demonstrations in the use of the equipment carried by the Responders.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Past President Iain McLeod.