Rotary Youth Speaks runaway success

THE first Rotary Youth Speaks contest to be held in Stonehaven is being hailed as a runaway success.

Professor Roddy Paisley, Sheriff Douglas Cusine and Rev Fyfe Blair judged the public speaking event held at Mackie Academy last Wednesday and Stonehaven Rotary Club President Douglas Knox said later that each of the four teams taking part had put on an ”outstanding” display.

The event was supported by parents of the pupils taking part, who were all from Mackie Academy and by rotarians.

The rotary club staged the event given their belief that public speaking is now an important skill to have.

It is also hoped the contest will encourage and improve the confidence of the youngsters participating.

The teams taking part covered very different topics.

Each team had a chair person and speaker and the vote of thanks was given by one of the opposing teams.

The winning team was made up of Andrew Dickinson, Paul Kirkwood and Emily Esson who triumphed with their presentation on the “The Arts,” which included the pros and cons of funding the different arts.

The team will now go forward to the regional finals.

A delighted Mr Knox said the evening had been highly successful and he went on: “It was an outstanding display of youngsters projecting their ideas after much research and rehearsal.”

Meanwhile, Stonehaven rotarians have had the chance to literally see how others see them, thanks to artist and lecturer Mike Samson.

Mr Samson, who takes art classes in both Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, including Stonehaven, turned part of the last rotary club meeting into a high-speed lecture, when rotarians were shown the basics of drawing a portrait, then given pencils and paper and told to get on with themselves by producing a likeness of the rotarian sitting opposite them.

The results were described by one rotarian as “interesting!”

Vote of thanks was by past president Ernest Barbour.